Simple day walk to Uloola falls

Date: 19 June 2018
region: Royal National Park
distance: 10kms
summary: What should have been a relaxing work became a little more difficult with heavy rain!
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I really havent done a lot of walking in The Royal National Park, and with so many shorter day tracks available, I decided to attach this one first.

Uloola Falls has a camp ground associated so I thought I would scout out this location for a future camping trip. Unfortunately the day I decided to go, the weather did not cooperate! The track starts from Waterfall train station and goes all the way to Audley Weir. I decided to start at the Audley end and turn this walk into an out and back as I was concerned about week day parking at the Waterfall end.

The weather had been average during the early morning, but as I drove north, it got worse! Stopping at Stanwell Tops, I could hardly stand up in the wind, and the rain had just started rolling in from the south. I thought heading to Audley would protect a little from the weather since it was inland a little, and down a but lower. This was partially successful. When I arrived the rain had stopped, but it was looking grey - but I decided to head out anyway.

I parked in the main carpark, and headed out along the trail alongside the river - not realising I could have parked 1/2km further down the road in the next car park! And it was about there that the rain started! The track then heads straight up the hill at the back of Audley. Its a great track actually, well marked, nice steps and beuatiful bush setting.

Before long, the rain was torrential, and the thunder was rolling about overhead. I made a call that if it did not ease off before I hit the first junction, I would turn around and come back. Well by the first junction it hadnt really eased off, but it hadnt become any worse either, so I decided to continue on. The track soon turned into a small river, and little waterfalls all up the trail! Eventually though, the rain did ease off a little, and then the trail popped out on the ridge line from where amazing views were likely available on good weather days!

Continuing on now that the rain had almost stopped, the track headed down again, and before long ended at a rather ordinary looking campsite - marked as Uloola Falls camp ground. The falls themselves were also pretty ordinary! Especially since how much rain we had, and yet there was still only a trickle of water running over them. It was also too difficult to climb down to the bottom of the falls - at least in this weather. So I didnt spend too long here before turning around and heading back to the car!

And no, the rain did not start up again!

Overall the track is a pretty good one. I wouldnt do it again just for the falls, but certainly do it again for the ease of access, and the pleasant environment.

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