2017 Corang Peak Loop

summary: With some great weather around, and a weekend off I was able to head out to The Budawangs and loop around Corang Peak.
date: 28 October 2017
distance: 23kms
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Will I get lost?

So we were out here over easter with friends, and we managed to get a little lost on part of this trail. I was determined to come back here alone, and try and establish a clear, easy to follow track, and not get lost!

So to cut a long story short, I went in the opposite direction to our previous trip and there is no way you can get lost! There is however one spot you need to be careful, and that is just before climbing up the rocky spine before getting to Canowie Brook. Make sure you dont end up folowing the track down to the Corang River here, you must head up the hill which doesnt look right until you get up there.

This is a great day walk though. I took about two hours to get from Wog Wog to the Corang river. And then pushed on to the otherside of Corang Peak before a late lunch. It was a very windy day though, so I didnt feel like hanging around anywhere for long.

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