2007 Budawangs - Corang River and Burumbeet valley

summary: For a change we decided to head into The Budawangs from the North and try and find the elusive Hidden Valley
date: 25-26 February 2007
distance: 26kms
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Unfortunately there was no report written for this trip, or at least I cant find it eight years later when I'm putting together this new site.

I do remember a few of the things we did on this trip though, and from the photos I have come up with the following summary.

Trip summary

I had been out to Burubmeet a couple of times last year, but usually on quite ambitious plans which meant walking pretty hard the whole time. Check out The Warth Of Burumbeet as an example! But this trip was going to be a little different as we were only trying to get to the standard Burumbeet Caves spot for camping then turn around and come back.

I'm pretty sure we would have camped at Wog Wog the night before we set off towards Burumbeet Valley. It wasnt an early start, but we still managed to get to the turning off the main trail before 11:00am. Once turned off, the bush gets a little thicker, but was still easy enough to find our way down to the Corang River camping area. This is a great spot to camp, but not today. We spent some time here for lunch before packing up and heading off towards Burumbeet again.

The trail here winds its way alongside the Corang River with some great spots along the way to stop and look at the cascades and big pools of water. Eventually we found our way to the junction with the main trail again, and from here the walk is not too long until you get into the Burumbeet valley. We decided to camp at one of the lower camping areas this time, perhaps the caves were full?? We had a great spot though, and a good nights sleep came easy.

Heading out in the morning, we were treated to amazing views of the cloud sitting in the valley all around us which didnt burn off until quite late in the morning. This gave us the chance to take some great photos on our way out of the valley.

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[56H 237228 6092288]
[56H 235175 6090713]
[56H 235784 6094702]
[56H 237096 6093194]
[56H 238303 6092596]
[56H 236234 6090736]
[56H 234135 6093573]
[56H 237060 6093882]
[56H 242000 6093563]
[56H 236689 6094048]
[56H 237551 6092617]
[56H 236803 6091700]